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Acrylic Processing Aid  P-700


P-700 is widely used for rigid PVC products such as Windows profile, PVC pipes, especially for PVC foaming products, WPC product, etc.

Key property

  •  Improve the melt strength of PVC products

  •  Super fusion

  •  Promote uniform & close cell structure

  •  Provide excellent metal release property

  •  Improve the glossiness of the products

Product index



            20kg/bag with PP bag and PE inner or Kraft paper bag.
            550kg/bag Woven bag.


      For 20 container, we can load 11.2mt with pallets or 14mt without pallets.

      For 40 container, we can load 22.4mt with pallets or 26mt without pallets.


      The product should be stored in cool and dry surroundings.

      The shelf life is two years, it can still be used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.

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