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Ca-Zn stabilizer CS-70


Ca-Zn stabilizer CS-70 is Calcium-zinc based stabilizer used for PVC pipes application. 

Key property

  •  Excellent thermal stability.

  •  No plate-out.

  •  Stable process ability and larger process window.

  •  No pollution to the environment.

  •  Endow your recipe with higher dosage of CaCo3 and make your recipe higher cost performance



Recommend recipe for drainage pipes


Recommended Application

  •  Keep the original formula unchanged. Recommended using dosage 3-5 PHR.

  • Add Lead stabilizer CS-70 together with the PVC resin and other additives into the high-speed mixer.

  • Keep the temperature about 118-122 ℃ for 8 ~ 10minutes.

  • Cooling down the mixed material to normal temperature.

  • Move into extrusion or injection process.

  • If you need to increase and decrease of CaCo3 content or want to adjust the lubrication system, please contact our technical service team:  E-mail:


The product should be stored in cool and dry surroundings.

The shelf life is two years, it can be still used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.


25KG/bag with PP bag and PE inner or Kraft paper bag.
600KG/bag Woven bag.

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